Why BAKM Krav Maga?

Here’s just a few good reasons

Founded in 1999 we are the leading Independent Krav Maga Club in London, UK. Unhindered we can develop & teach a more relevant British form of Krav Maga.

We have our own a dedicated Krav Maga studio near Baker St London & conduct regular group classes in Kensington & Pimlico London.

We have some of the highest trained Instructors in the UK ensuring a proficient & safe training environment.

We welcome both Guys & Girls to provide a realistic mix of training & education for both sexes.

Unlike other clubs we also run Seminars & Events that enhance and/or compliment Krav Maga Skills.

Although self defence is a serious subject, you won’t find us taking ourselves too seriously. Classes whilst educational are also designed to be fun & to get you fit.

What our Members Say

  • Just finished the 5-Day Intensive course which really kick starts you into KM and is a great workout, different to your usual gym routine, too. The course is very efficient as mistakes are instantly detected and corrected and John is a great teacher.Sandro Oswald
  • I started a short while ago, but I have loved every class I have been to so far. The fitness is intense, but enjoyable. I have found the instructors to be very approachable and friendly guys who ensure that everyone receives correct and safe training… Well worth getting involved in!Cahir Muldoon
  • I have learned a lot in a relatively short period of time and feel so much more confident in my (albeit still learner) ability to defend myself. I could not recommend the British Academy of Krav Maga more highly.Matt Cockcroft
  • This is just a FANTASTIC school. John Aldcroft is a first rate chief instructor and has a superb team working with him. They seem to cope with a whole range of ability levels and will develop your skills, fitness and confidence. The school’s flexible in terms of the amount of time you can commit to it. It’s also very friendly and great fun.Vince Turner
  • Great fun, quality people.Initially I felt pretty lost however after I started attending twice a week my understanding of the basics quickly grew.The instructors are informative, approachable & always willing to help, especially with the smaller technical aspects.Sean P
  • Not only I am learning a lot and I am still surprised when many times my muscle memory is better than my celebral one, but I also found an amazing environment when people can fight one another without being a danger.Thanks John for your amazing academy!Ludovica Pianon
  • All the instructors are well trained and always giving constructive and progressive feedback on your personal skill level.Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get fit and learn to feel confident in defending yourself in tricky situations.Richard Keogh

Krav Maga Trial Class

To get started you first need to participate in a London Krav Maga trial class and you have a choice of either Kensington, London W1 on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday & Pimlico, London SW1 on a Tuesday or Thursday to do this – & this costs £15 payable online or £25 cash on the day.

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Join Us for the 10 Day Krav Maga Summer Camp

Saturday August 22nd – Monday August 31st.
Location: West Wittering near Chichester

Price: £450 Per Person

This is 10 days of Krav Maga & Extra Curricular Activities taking place in a campsite in the coastal resort of West Wittering, near Chichester. During the camp you will receive 28 hours of Krav Maga training + 10 hours of Extra Curricular Activities spread over 10 days and the opportunity to grade on the last day. We will also have a BBQ on the last day of the course.

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Krav Maga Beginners Course

The Much Acclaimed Krav Maga Beginners Course to give you a good grounding in the Krav Maga Self Defence System.

The Krav Maga Beginner Course runs every Monday & Wednesday in Kensington, London W1 & every Tuesday & Thursday in Pimlico, London SW1. During the month of your course you can go to either location and as many beginner course classes as you like.

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Krav Maga Regular Membership

To join BAKM you must be a minimum of 14 years & above for our Krav Maga classes in London. You must also be accompanied by a parent or guardian if you are above 14,  but below 16 years of age, to attend an adult class.

There is also a joining fee of £100 which covers essential training kit: focus pads, groin guard, boxing gloves, mouth guard & school T shirt which is issued to you upon joining the school.

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The Much Acclaimed
Intensive Krav Maga Courses London

New 1 Day Intensive Self Defence Course for Women

The 1 day intensive self defence for women course is designed for female participants only & covers situations / scenarios that they can or may find themselves in.

The London based course is 6 hours duration with a break for lunch with no more than 6 people per course to facilitate assimilation of techniques taught and knowledge given.

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1 Day Intensive Krav Maga Course

The 1 Day Intensive Krav Maga Course is a micro version of the much acclaimed 5 Day Intensive Krav Maga Course & is a unique training experience providing participants with an opportunity to train with BAKM’s highest level instructors.

This London based course is 1 day of 6 hours training + 1 hour lunch break with attendee numbers deliberately kept to no more than 6 people per course.

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5 Day Intensive Krav Maga Course

The Much Acclaimed 5 day Intensive Krav Maga course is a unique training experience providing participants with an opportunity to train with BAKM’s highest level instructors.

This London based course is 5 days of 6 hours tuition per day with attendee numbers deliberately kept to no more than 6 people per course.

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The Much Acclaimed 21 Day Intensive Krav Maga Instructor Course

The 21 day intensive Krav Maga Instructor Course London is a unique training experience providing participants with an opportunity to become Krav Maga instructors with a leading UK Krav Maga organisation.

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Krav Maga Private Training

Ideal for those wanting to take their self defence skills to the next level, improve their fitness or fine tune techniques already taught, we offer a number of fully equipped locations throughout London where we offer a range of opportunities to train 1 2 1 or as a group of up to 4 people with our highest level instructors.

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Gap Year Safety & Survival Course

Only £190 Per Person

The 1 Day ‘Gap Year Safety & Survival Course’ was put together after requests from Krav Maga students who wanted to gear their training towards travel abroad and having the ability to extract themselves from any hostile situations they could find themselves in, whether their travel was business or leisure orientated.

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