3 Day Intensive Krav Maga Course

3 Day Intensive Krav Maga Course

Only £300.00 Per Person, For A 15 Hour Course spread over 3 days (includes 1 hr lunch break each day)

This course is taught by our most experienced instructor(s) and you will also receive 30 days free school membership which starts from the same date as your respective course start.


We start the first day of this course at 09:00 and finish at 14:00.


LONDON: Southbank Health & Fitness Club
124-130 Wandsworth Rd, London SW8 2LD, UK

CHESTER: Roger Gracie Academy
Garden Lane, Chester CH1 4EN



The much acclaimed 3 day Intensive Krav Maga course is a unique training experience providing participants with an opportunity to train with BAKM’s highest level instructors. This course is offered in London or Chester and is 3 days with 4 hours tuition per day with attendee numbers deliberately kept to no more than 20 people per course.

The course is especially suited to the following:

  • Anyone working in a hostile situation or environment
  • Anyone about to embark on a world tour (including rock stars!)
  • Anyone who needs to build their physical confidence
  • Anyone working with voluntary or aid organisations
  • Anyone who works in the security services
  • Front line medical staff
  • Students moving away from home
  • Personal fitness trainers who may need to protect their clients
  • Medical staff
  • Women in vulnerable situations

During this course participants will learn:

  • Fitness drills for self defence
  • The psychology of self defence
  • Avoidance & awareness techniques
  • Verbal dissuasion
  • Target hardening techniques
  • Effective striking & kicking
  • Defences against chokes
  • Defences against weapons
  • Defensive ground fighting
  • Defences against multiple assailants
  • Effective stand up defences

All training & protective equipment equipment is provided.


”A fantastic 3 days. The course is very well structured mixing theory with plenty of practice. John & Stephen’s wealth of experience from over 20 years training in various martial arts and continued development of techniques with a clear passion as instructors really shone through.”

“I will definitely like to progress further with Krav Maga building this in as a foundation. An excellent way to get into Martial Arts or Krav Maga”

Rabin Tambyraja / April 2017 Course




Do I need to be fit to do this course?

Not at all, as this course is designed for any individual no matter what their fitness level.

What clothing or equipment do I need?

Besides a notebook and pen, unless you are on one of our instructor courses, you will only need your normal gym gear, a sweat towel, snacks and a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated whilst training as we provide all other relevant training equipment.

However, if you have your own kit you are more than welcome to bring it (trainee instructors shadowing courses will be expected to have their own kit).

Can I get a refund or change my course date if I cannot make the course?

If you book a course and cannot make it then we can offer you an alternative date if the one you booked does not suit for whatever reason. You just need to let us know which alternative date/s suit and we can make the change. We will not, however, refund a course unless the request is over 28 days before the course start date.

Can I upgrade to any other courses whilst on my respective course?

YES! If we have spaces we will calculate the cost, invoice & collect payment accordingly if this is what you wish to do. Just let us know.

Do I need experience and are there any age restrictions?

No experience needed.  14 years old is the youngest we can allow on this course.