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Monday 18th November  TRAVEL SAFETY & SURVIVAL
Monday 18th November  3 DAY INTENSIVE KRAV MAGA
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5 Day Certified Self Defence Instructor Course

5 Day Certified Self Defence Instructor Course

Only £600.00 Per Person, For over 26 hours training over a 5 day period

about this course

This Course Is Taught By Our Most Experienced Instructors & You Will Also Receive A Free Training Manual and 30 Days Free School Membership Which Starts From The Same Date As Your Respective Course Start.

The 5 day intensive self defence instructor course is a unique training experience providing the participant with an opportunity to become registered Self Defence Instructor with a leading UK Krav Maga / Self Defence organisation.


We start every Self Defence Instructor Course on the Sunday at 14:00 and every other day after this at 9:00 expecting to finish between 16:00 – 16:30 except on the last day when you will finish around 14:00.

Choose your course dates below.


Course Locations

Southbank Health & Fitness Club | 124-130 Wandsworth Rd, London SW8 2LD, UK

Nearest Tube Station is Vauxhall


1st Day (Sunday) 14:00 – 16:00 Basic Techniques, Choke Defences, Basic Weapons and Theory.

2nd Day (Monday) 09:00 – 16:00 Recap of Day 1, Advanced Weapon Defences

3rd Day (Tuesday) 09:00 – 16:00 Recap of Day 2, Grappling and Ground Fighting

4th Day (Wednesday) 09:00 – 16:00 Recap of Day 3, Lesson Planning and Delivery

5th Day (Thursday) 09:00 – 14:00 Revision of Techniques, Teaching Practice, Certification


The accommodation options in London are too numerous to mention with a broad price range from hostels to hotels.

So, rather than list a number of properties here we would recommend you note the studio training address & postcode below and google search to satisfy your budget / accommodation expectations.

Further Information

The 5 day intensive self defence instructor course is a unique training experience providing the participant with an opportunity to become registered Self Defence Instructor with a leading UK Krav Maga / Self Defence organisation.

This course averages out to 5 days of 5 hours + tuition per day, equalling over 25 hours of in-house training + another 30+ hours of free school membership to reinforce techniques taught or even practice your teaching under the guidance of the main class instructor. So, all in, and assuming you could make the free group classes you would receive a total of over 50 hours training.


This course is run the course on a bi-monthly basis so that should a participant be injured or unable to take a particular section of a course due to work commitments for example, that they may re-attend another course (up to re-attending a maximum of 2 courses) at a later date.

This course can also be taken as a private training option if the dates shown do not work with your diary (please note that pricing for private training would obviously be based on our normal private training rates)


What happens during each phase of the training?

Day 1. Here’s where your training begins..

After registration and course orientation we start you off on some basic self defence techniques and cover travel safety and self defence theory. The first day is about easing you in and getting to know each other

Days 2, 3 & 4. Putting it into practice…

You will now have the opportunity to experience first hand our hugely popular and highly successful three day self defence course. Essentially you will be both student and trainee instructor and through participation, observation and hands-on participation, get a feel for what it takes to run a successful course.

You will always be 1 step ahead of the course though as you will have had the courtesy of getting to know what we plan to teach the day before as essentially the itinerary for our SD course is given and practised by you the day before. So on the Sunday you will have gone through the theory, practise and techniques for the Monday and so on..

Day 5, Teaching practice, marketing & certification…     

After recapping day 4, you will now teach some of the techniques taught to you to your peers and possibly some students from our school.  You will also be taught to understand & extol the differences between sport orientated martial arts & self defence and learn to draw up lesson plans, make adaptations to techniques and break techniques down for ease of assimilation before being taught the teaching, practical execution and physical training methodology that is unique to the British Academy of Krav Maga before finally receiving your certificate and advice in regards to setting up, marketing and promoting your own course or courses going forward.

What happens after the course?

After completing the self defence instructor course you will be issued with a certificate that shows you have completed the self defence instructor course and a T shirt.

Then, with the appropriate first aid, and insurance you will be able to run your own self defence courses going forward.

Furthermore you will now also be eligible for entry to our Krav Maga Instructor Course (a further 5 days of training) which then enables you to be able to teach Krav Maga regular classes & courses going forward (the self defence instructor course alone doesn’t allow this)

Do I need to be fit to do this course?

Not at all, as this course is designed for any individual no matter what their fitness level as teaching self defence isn’t necessarily about being an MMA type of person or professional fighter for that matter (but having martial arts or combative experience will obviously help!)

What clothing or equipment do I need?

Besides a notebook and pen for the theory aspects you will need the following:

  • Snacks to keep you going & water to keep you hydrated.
  • A sweat towel (as you will perspire now and then)
  • A personal first aid kit (you are training to be an instructor after all)
  • 16oz to 20oz boxing gloves
  • Sparring style MMA gloves
  • Boxing bandages / wraps (or quick to put) on gel wraps
  • A groin protector
  • Shin guards, head guard & mouth guard
  • Flat soled style trainers or even better a pair of wrestling shoes
  • Spare T shirts & deodorant
  • Normal Running Trainers
  • Loose fitting track suit bottoms (kick boxing style trousers)

Can I get a refund, change my course date, upgrade ?

If you book a course and cannot make it then we can offer you an alternative date if the one you booked does not suit for whatever reason. You just need to let us know which alternative date/s suit and we can make the change.

We will not, however, refund a course unless the request is over 60 days before the course start date.