Free Krav Maga Trial Class

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Find a class on our FREE TRIAL CLASS TIMETABLE and register to confirm your place.

As someone who is new to Krav Maga, you can choose to take a FREE Krav Maga trial class at any of our regular weekly mixed or ladies only classes where available.

The free trial class is highly recommended if you would like to have an idea of what Krav Maga is about before committing to joining the school via one of our membership options or taking one of our acclaimed courses or seminars.

What can I expect to take place / happen at my Krav Maga trial class?

At your dedicated trial classes, you will participate in the class & receive training from an instructor who will guide you through the fundamentals involved in Krav Maga & answer any questions you may have in regard to the Self Defence system.

As someone new to Krav Maga it is important that you are shown these fundamentals so that you may enjoy, understand & participate in classes going forward with appropriate knowledge of recommended training equipment, basic techniques/stances & training jargon specific to Krav Maga training should you then decide to join our school.

What if I then want to join your school?

Great! Just let your class instructor know immediately and they will give you further instructions & may also inform you of some great offers that we may have running in this regard.

What kit do I need for the Krav Maga trial class?

  • You only need your normal gym training attire (t-shirt, tracksuit bottoms, trainers) at this stage as we provide all training equipment
  • A towel and a bottle of water are also highly recommended as you may sweat.

When do I to turn up for the class?

When do I to turn up for the class?