Grading Week (All Locations)

Grading Week (All Locations)



Grading Assessment Information:

To pass your grade you need to attend & pass 2 grading assessment days in the grading week with age, size & gender considerations taken into account for day 1.

Day 1: Is an assessment of your fitness, controlled sparring (relative to grade & can be just stand up or stand up and ground, or weapon to weapon ) and both boxing and kick/strike combinations (again, relative to grade)

You are eligible for day 2 assessment only if you pass day 1

Day 2: Is an assessment of 5 to 10 randomly chosen techniques from the grade that you are being assessed for and you must get a 100% pass mark for each grade


Grading Week Schedule

Grading week schedule for London, Kensington: Day 1 is any Monday or Tuesday & day 2 is always the Thursday

Grading week schedule for Chichester: Day 1 is a Monday, day 2 is the Wednesday.

To book your place simply choose & pay for the appropriate grading week from the list of dates shown below and within the notes section let us know which grade you are looking to be assessed in.

Grading week covers the first 4 grades, namely, yellow, orange, red & green. Anything above this is made through the Chief Instructor directly only.

Grading week dates

Grading week dates shown below are valid for both London & Chichester.

Monday 13th to Thursday 16th August
Monday 22nd to Thursday 25th October
Monday 10th to Thursday 13th December

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If You Pass

If you pass a grading assessment you will be issued with a T-shirt and certificate that indicates your grade.

If You Fail

If you fail (and let’s be honest some people do) you can retake the assessment for free next time around.

* For blue and above we test all techniques from yellow through to the grade that you are being assessed in – the assessment is a whole day.