Self Defence for Women

Self Defence for Women

£69.99 per month

Regular Ladies Only Krav Maga /  Self Defence for Women London

Every Tuesday 7pm until 8pm
Asics, Oxford St, London, Mayfair (Google Map)


What will I learn?

In various degrees, within this class we aim to cover the following subject matter:

  • Increase awareness using threat recognition, colour codes of awareness & management of the reptilian brain
  • Setting physical & emotional boundaries
  • Understanding & making use of body language
  • Tactical reasoning & choosing an appropriate course of avoidance first or actions later should no other option be available
  • Realistic physical techniques designed to work in stressful situations to help you escape, buy time or get help or get to a safer position
  • Understanding and making use of adrenal responses in a high-stress situation
  • Understanding and making use of measured compliance in an assault situation
  • Evidence gathering before, during and after a recognised assault and understanding the forensic process
  • Use of improvised weaponry or legal self-defence weapons/alarms in self-defence
  • Ground survival techniques
  • Defences against armed assault

Do I need to be fit to join this class?

Not at all, as this class is designed for any individual no matter what the fitness level.

What clothing or equipment do I need?

At this stage, you only need your normal gym or workout gear, a sweat towel and a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated. As you progress we will let you know what other equipment you need.