Early Summer School Closure in London – Monday 19th June until Sunday 2nd July

1st class back in Kensington Monday 3rd July 7pm until 830pm

Due to the tragic events opposite our London school venue (Kensington Aldridge Academy) all classes ( not just ours) at Kensington therefore have been cancelled as we are awaiting a safety inspection on the tower and clear up of bodies / debris and investigation to be done.

This may take some time and therefore we have decided to bring the normal 2 weeks holiday we take in August forward to June so that this sad event does not affect our school schedule.

We return to normal on Monday 3rd July.

When we return we would ask that all recurring monthly memberships are done through our new system as the old memberships will be considered null and void as we have not taken any payments from this system for almost a month now, so we will not accept you back into the school if you have not signed up to the new membership system.

To do this, you need to cancel your subscription with the old system and sign up to the new system through the website membership page. I’m sure you all understand the logic behind above and look forward to seeing you all on Monday 3rd July

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