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From: £49.00 / month with a 10-day free trial and a £20.00 sign-up fee

10 Days Membership For Just £20!

That’s right guys! 10 day’s membership for just £20!

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This promotion is designed for the anyone who is thinking of getting into Krav Maga with the UK’s Leading Independent KM Group and would like a lead time to decide if this is something you would want to commit to before making regular membership payments.

So how does it work / how do I get started?

Simple. You pay your £20 online and from the day and time that you make your purchase you have 10 days to get to as many classes (at your respected school) as possible.

After this, you will then move onto your chosen membership option according to which school location you wish to join

Location & Timings

Classes take place in our  Kensington London studio studio or our Chichester studio:


Monday through to Thursday
7pm until 930pm (Mixed)


Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday
6pm until 7.30pm (Mixed)

Remember, after this period you will automatically be charged a recurring fee according to the type of membership you chose when you signed up to the 10 day trial period with membership options as follows:

Membership Fees

Standard Membership

Mixed Krav Maga Classes in Kensington Monday to Thursday 7pm until 830pm @ £59 PM (Cancel Anytime)

Mixed Krav Maga Classes in Chichester Monday, Wednesday & Friday 6pm until 730pm @ £49 PM (Cancel Anytime)

Annual Membership

Standard Membership for 1 year renewable annually @ £499 (Cancellable Anytime But Non Refundable)

During this 10 day period you may cancel your membership if you so wish for any reason whatsoever & incur no penalty (all we ask is that you send an email to confirm this) Then, after your trial period is finished and you have started your chosen monthly or annual membership option, all we ask is that you give us a 1 month (or 1 year’s notice if you chose the annual membership) by email according to the membership option you chose & you will incur no further charges and will be entitled to train for the period that is owed to you from your last payment.

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