Krav Maga Beginners Course

Just £108 for an 8 Week Rolling Course & Join at any Stage

The 8 Week Krav Maga Beginners Course (Into Regular Membership) runs every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday in Kensington, London & every Monday, Wednesday & Friday in Chichester

Generally speaking, every new student with no associated Krav Maga / Stand Up Martial Arts experience that joins BAKM will follow this course before then being considered a ‘regular’ member of the school.

After their respective 8 week beginner course is finished the student then falls into regular monthly membership payments according to the location that they use (either Kensington or Chichester)

So, essentially, you pay £108 to join the beginner course which then leads into regular monthly payments, priced according to the location you choose.

Q: Do I need to wait for the start of the course ?

A: No – You can join this course at any stage

Q: Do I need equipment ?

A: At this stage, no, as training kit will be provided, but you may want to purchase kit as you progress and we will advice you as to what to get here..

Q: Great, so, how do I enrol ?


Assuming you have attended your trial class you simply sign up and pay the initial £108 to join the beginner course and agree to having recurring monthly payments taken from you priced according to your main school location after this.

Q: So what if I decide I only want to do the beginner course and nothing else?

A: Not a problem, as If after agreeing to the rules regarding the beginner course you decide thats all you want to do then all you need do is cancel your subscription before your first monthly payment for regular membership is taken. Remember, the monthly payments start at the end of your 8 week beginner course start date, so as long as you cancel your subscription before this then thats fine.

However, please note: Once you finish your beginner course of 8 weeks, you are agreeing that we automatically start your monthly membership which is cancellable at any point as long as we receive 1 months notice according to the regular membership details.

So, very important to note, you will NOT be refunded if this payment has been taken as we need a months notice of cancellation once regular membership payments start.

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Product Description

BAKM – 8 Week Beginner Course Syllabus

The 8 week beginner course concentrates on basic punching, elbows & hammer strikes together with basic kicking techniques with a number of valid self defence techniques thrown in to the mix.

Students may join the course at any point, as the instructor will vary the content of the course according to the individuals progression.

So for example, whilst some students may be practising more complex kick, strike & elbow combinations, other beginner course students may only be concentrating on stance and movement instance for example whilst any self defence techniques are taught to the group as a whole

It is therefore not necessary to join the course as a week 1 student as the tuition will always be adapted to your individual level.

To progress well, we encourage students to attend as many classes as they can in their beginner training period to not only reinforce the techniques taught but to also embed the techniques through repetition thereby increasing the chance of the individual being able use the striking & kicking & self defence techniques more automatically under pressure.

As well as covering techniques during the beginner period we also will look to improve attendee’s functional fitness, movement & flexibility & improve their personal safety & awareness of dangerous situations through education and where possible reality based training

Once any student has completed the beginner course period of training they are then welcomed into the regular class group and will work towards achieving his or her first grade.


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