Krav Maga Beginners Course

Just £108 for an 8 Week Rolling Course & Join at any Stage

The 8 Week Krav Maga Beginners Course (Into Membership) runs every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday in Kensington, London & every Monday, Wednesday & Friday in Chichester

Generally speaking, every new student with no associated Krav Maga experience that joins BAKM will follow this course before then being considered a ‘regular’ member of the school having taken their first grading assessment (yellow) at the end of their 8 weeks (or later if they need more practice).

After their respective 8 week beginner course is finished the student then falls into regular monthly membership payments according to the location that they use (either Kensington or Chichester.

So, essentially, you pay £108 to join the beginner course and first grading assessment (for which you will receive a yellow badge t shirt should you pass) which then leads into regular monthly payments, priced according to the location you choose

Q: Do I need to wait for the start of the course ?

A: No – You can join this course at any stage as the beginner the course is run on a rolling week to week basis with the subject matter being different from 1 week to the next.

Q: Do I need equipment ?

A: At this stage, no, as some kit will be provided, but you may want to purchase kit as you progress and we will advice you as to what to get here..

Q: Great, so, how do I enrol ?


Assuming you have attended your trial class you simply sign up and pay the initial £108 to join the beginner course and agree to have recurring monthly payments taken from you priced according to your main school location.

The monthly payments start at the end of your 8 week beginner course start date.

Note: The monthly membership is cancellable at any point as long as we receive 1 months notice according to the regular membership details here.

Once we see you have signed up, we will then automatically add you to the beginner course list and look forward to seeing you in class soon..

See the Weekly Classes Calendar To Locate Your First Krav Maga Beginner Course Class

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Product Description

BAKM – 8 Week Beginner Course Syllabus

The 8 week beginner course is run in such a way that students may join the course at any point, as each week the subject matter is different to the previous.

It is therefore a rolling syllabus so for example if you join in week 4, you would do the syllabus as weeks 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 1, 2 & finally week 3 and so on.

To progress well, we encourage students to attend as many classes as they can in their beginner training period to not only reinforce the techniques taught but to also embed the techniques through repetition thereby increasing the chance of the individual being able use these techniques more automatically under pressure.

After the course the beginner student is then eligible to join the regular group having passed their first grading assessment (yellow)

As well as covering techniques during the beginner period we also will look to improve attendee’s functional fitness, movement & flexibility & improve their personal safety & awareness of dangerous situations through education and where possible reality based training.

Week 1: Stances, Movement & Basic Hand Striking

  • Fitness
  • Passive Stance, Half Passive Stance, Half Passive With A Foot Check, Fighting Stance & Movements In
  • Stance (Forward, Back, Left, Right, Circling & X Drill)
  • Straight Open Hand Strike (Singular With Recoil)
  • Straight Open Hand (Jab) With Punch (Closed Fist)
  • Intro Boxing: 1.Jab, Cross 2. Jab, Cross, Hook 3. Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross 4. Jab, Cross, Hook, Upper Cut
  • Variations of above

Week 2: Use of Elbows & Hammer Strikes

  • Fitness
  • Elbows: Horizontal – Inwards, Sideways & Backwards
  • Vertical – Upwards, Downwards, Sideways, Backwards, Racking, Diagonal & Straight Back
  • Hammer Strikes: Horizontal – Inwards, Sideways & Backwards (AKA Spinning Back Fist)
  • Vertical – Forwards, Downwards & Backwards
  • Elbows & Hammers In Combination Using Above Techniques
  • Variations of above
  • Week 3: Basic Knees & Kicks

Week 3: Basic Knees & Kicks

  • Fitness
  • Knees: Straight Knee, Upward Knee, Round Knee, Inward Knee
  • Kicks: Straight Kick Using Ball Of Foot (Attacking) & Whole Of Foot (Defensive) & Back Kick Round
  • Kicks (X 3 Variations), Knees and / or Kicks In Combination With Basic Strikes
  • Variations of above

Week 4: Defences Against Punches

  • Fitness
  • 360 defences against strikes using ref points 1 to 8
  • Inside defences against straight punch to face / chest / stomach
  • Combination defences using 360 & inside defences + appropriate continuation
  • Variations of above

Week 5: Defences Against Chokes

  • Fitness
  • Defence against static choke front 2 & 1 handed release showing live & dead side counters.
  • Defence against choke from front with pushing (live side & dead side counters)
  • Defence against headlock from the side (recognition, non consolidation & too late)
  • Variations of above

Week 6: Defence Against Shirt Grab, Wrist Grab

  1. Fitness
  2. Shirt grab releases: 12 o’clock, goose neck & wrist/elbow hinge
  3. Wrist release: same hand – elbow to elbow escape.
  4. Wrist release: opposite hand / hitch in / hitch out / combo hitch
  5. Wrist release: 2 hands held in front low / high
  6. Wrist release: 1 held by 2 hands
  7. Wrist release: 2 hands held behind (passive & aggressive variation)
  8. Variations of above

Week 7: Introduction To Basic Ground Fighting

  • Fitness
  • Hierarchy of ground positions, basic ground positions & basic movement
  • Basic ground positions= guarded shrimp, basic back, side on shoulder, elbow or forearm
  • Basic movement= bunny hops, step outs, rolls, shrimping, combination of these
  • Release from choke from the side with attacker kneeling (defender variation)
  • Release from choke whilst on back & attacker in mount position
  • Kicks from the ground (double leg kicks, round kicks, knee / groin kicks)
  • Variations of above

Week 8: Introduction To Knife / Gun Defences / Use Of Common Objects

  • Fitness
  • Explain RCA/Take, RCAT & attack further & RAE (Redirect Attack Escape)
  • Explain measured compliance
  • Basic slap defence against knife threat from front + basic defence into control, attack & take
  • Defence against gun from front (head height & chest height variations)
  • Gun threat from behind (arms free, no restraint, gun pressing into back)


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