Intensive Krav Maga Course

£349.00 for 18 hours of training across 3 Days

Plus You Get…

A FREE eBook “The Theory Of Self Defence”
A FREE Training Manual: Complete Krav Maga
30 Days of Free School Membership To Access Our Regular Group Classes (Where available).

Complete Guide To Krav Maga

3 Day Intensive Krav Maga Course

The Much Acclaimed 3 Day Intensive Krav Maga course London (Southbank Club, Vauxhall) is a unique training experience providing participants with an opportunity to train with BAKM’s highest level instructors. This London based course is a fully certified course of 3 days equalling 18 hours of training.

Fantastic 3 days. The course is very well structured mixing theory with plenty of practice. John’s wealth of experience from over 20 years training in various martial arts and continued development of techniques with a clear passion as a trainer really shone through. I will definitely like to progress further with Krav Maga building this in as a foundation. An excellent way to get into Martial Arts or Krav Maga with a top class instructor.Rabin Tambyraja / April 2017


Just £349.00 for 18 hours of Certified Expert Training

If you do the full 3 day certified course you automatically become eligible to join our self defence instructor course if you so wish &/or your training counts towards your first grading should you decide to join an affiliated BAKM school.

Day 1 of the course covers the “super basics” of Krav Maga & Self Defence Theory and is a great grounding for anyone thinking of starting Krav Maga

Day 2 is more “fighter” orientated and covers techniques where we are willing to engage more to effect an escape or to dominate & builds up on the techniques from day 1

Day 3 covers “defences” against weapons (gun, stick & knife) and again builds up on days 1 & 2

Flexibility Within Your Course Booking

If you have done day 1 or both day 1 & day 2 of the full course, you can if you wish, choose to do the 2nd or 3rd or both days left of the course on another more convenient course date by firstly booking and paying for the course date that covers your first day of training and then within the notes section of your payment process let us know that you wish to do this.

Please note that although the days can be done separately, they must, however, be done in order as the curriculum builds upon the previous day 1 or day 2 syllabus before finishing with day 3.

Group Size

We do require a minimum of 4 people attending the course to go-ahead. Tell your friends!

Accommodation Options

There are numerous options in regards to accommodation close to the training venue and we have listed the 2 closest below.
Outside of this, you can also follow option 3 if you would prefer something elsewhere, but still nearby.

1. Holiday Inn Express, Nine Elms, Vauxhall

5 – 10 min walk from where we train

2. Travel Lodge Hotel, Vauxhall, London

5 – 10 min walk from where we train

3. Other Options

Course Dates
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Mon 18 June – Weds 20 June 2018
Mon 16 July – Weds 18 July 2018
Mon 17 Sept – Weds 19 Sept 2018
Mon 15 Oct – Weds 17 Oct 2018
Mon 19 Nov – Weds 21 Nov 2018

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The course is especially suited to the following:

  • anyone working in a hostile situation or environment
  • anyone about to embark on a world tour (including rock stars!)
  • anyone who needs to build their physical confidence
  • anyone working with voluntary or aid organisations
  • anyone who works in the security services
  • frontline medical staff
  • students moving away from home
  • personal fitness trainers
  • medical staff
  • women
  • • anyone thinking of becoming a self-defence / Krav Maga instructor

All training & protective equipment is provided.

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Where does the 3 day Krav Maga intensive training take place?

For the 3 day course, all training takes place at:

Southbank Club, 124-130 Wandsworth Rd, London SW8 2LD (Google Map)

Where is the nearest tube/rail station?

London, Vauxhall (5-10 mins walk)

What are the daily timings for this course?

Each day we start at 9am and finish between 330pm and 4.00pm dependent on how long a lunch break the group decides to take.

What is covered on the course?

In various degrees (dependent on the course you choose) we aim to cover the following subject matter:

  • Increase awareness using threat recognition, colour codes of awareness & management of the reptilian brain
  • Setting physical & emotional boundaries
  • Understanding & making use of body language
  • Tactical reasoning & choosing an appropriate course of avoidance first or actions later should no other option be available
  • Realistic physical techniques designed to work in stressful situations to help you escape, buy time or get help or get to a safer position
  • Understanding and making use of adrenal responses in a high-stress situation
  • Understanding and making use of measured compliance in an assault situation
  • Evidence gathering before, during and after a recognised assault and understanding the forensic process
  • Use of improvised weaponry or legal self-defence weapons/alarms in self-defence
  • Ground survival techniques
  • Defences against armed assault
  • Simple but effective self defence techniques to help you escape, dominate or control your attacker/s

What else do I get from this course?

  • You will also receive a FREE ebook “The Theory Of Self Defence” which we recommend you read prior to commencing this course
  • You will receive an illustrated manual “Complete Krav Maga” on attendance of this course which will help embed the techniques you will learn
  • You will be given 30 days access to the regular classes that run in London starting from the day that you attend your course. These classes are mainly mixed but we do have some women-only classes, with your 30 days starting from the first day of your course

Do I need to be fit to do this course?

Not at all, as this course is designed for any individual no matter what the fitness level.

What clothing or equipment do I need?

At this stage, you only need your normal gym or work out gear, a sweat towel and a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated. For anyone on the full day course or longer, we advise to also bring snacks and a notebook and pen. All training equipment is provided.

Can I change my course date?

If you book the full day course then we can offer you an alternative date if the one you booked does not suit for whatever reason. You just need to let us know which alternative date suits and we can make the change.