School Membership Options Kensington & Chichester

Flexible Options from just: £20.00 Initial Payment

As a potential member of our academy, you have a 3 choices in regards to becoming a BAKM Member.

Option 1  | Regular Membership

Mixed Krav Maga Classes in Kensington & Chichester

From £49 Per Month According To Location

Regular membership is suitable for students who may have practised Krav Maga already or those who have trained in other similar forms of self defence, or even students who simply want to get started straight away. By choosing this option you are agreeing to pay a monthly (or yearly) fee to train which is cancellable anytime.

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Option 2 | 10 Days For £20 Trial Into Regular Membership

10 days for £20 (BAKM 10|20)  is exactly what it says on the tin. You pay £20 and can then train for 10 days from the point of payment which leads into regular membership as described above. This option is ideal for those who want to have an extended trial period before they commit to regular monthly payments which again are cancellable anytime (as described in option 1).

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Option 3 | £108 For 8 Week Krav Maga Beginner Course Into Regular Membership

Kensington & Chichester

By signing up to the Krav Maga beginner course you are stating that you are new and want to follow a specific course of training before joining the regular class on the monthly payment option. This option therefore allows you 8 weeks (of beginner training) before committing to regular monthly payments which are cancellable anytime (as described in option 1)

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Option 4 | £499 For Annual Membership

Applicable To Either Kensington Or Chichester

By signing up to annual membership you will save anything between approx £98 & £200 (depending on whether you choose either Chichester or Kensington) on the normal membership.

Upon joining the classes we will then decide whether you should start with the beginner course or regular training.

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Option 5 | £999 For Lifetime Membership

Applicable To Either Kensington Or Chichester

By signing up to lifetime membership you are paying a 1 off fee that gives you membership of the school for the lifetime of the school. We have been in business now for close to 20 years and do not see ourselves closing soon so you stand to save loads.

In less than 2 years you would have paid your normal membership fee and would be training for free from that point when we compare this to the normal membership options

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Please note that by signing to either option 1 or option 2 that this does not exclude you from joining the beginner course if you so wish, as it maybe, that you simply want to start straight away and can see the logic in doing this rather than opting for option 3, as essentially, the choice is yours, as in class we simply divide you into either beginner group or regular class according to both your level and / or needs in regards to the training that is being delivered.

Timings & Locations

See our Krav Maga Weekly Classes Calendar for detailed Map Locations and Timings.

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Product Description

More Information About The Classes

1. BAKM ensures that all classes & courses are conducted in a safe & secure environment, under qualified supervision, using instructors that are fully covered with public liability & personal indemnity insurance. However, although not a legal requirement, in order to protect students against accidental injury from, or to, other students, BAKM recommends students contact reputed insurance companies who will cover this.

2. In the unlikely event of class cancellation due to circumstances such as an instructor being injured or taken ill you may train at any one of our other weekly classes in order to make up for your lost session. Where possible, class cancellations are posted on the news page of our website as soon as we are aware of them.

3. No classes are run during Bank Holidays and we take our annual leave in July & / or August for 2 weeks and another 2 weeks over the Christmas & New Year period. Exact dates vary year to year and will be posted on the news page when decided.

4. By signing up online to any anything we offer (membership, trial class, private training, course, seminar or similar) you are agreeing our terms and conditions.


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