Self Defence for Women Class

Regular Ladies Only Krav Maga /  Self Defence for Women London

Every Saturday 11am until 12 noon & Every Tuesday 7pm until 8pm
Asics, Oxford St, London, Mayfair (Google Map)

Bonus: If you take the Ladies Only Membership option you also have the option of registering for the mixed classes too, as long as it is within your weekly class quota


This class was set up a large number of participants on our bespoke self defence for women course requested that we set up a class that would reinforce the skills that they gained whilst on this course.

Within this then, the class format builds upon the course but is still readily available to women who have not done it before, as, after all, repetition is key.

What will I learn?

In various degrees, within this class we aim to cover the following subject matter:

  • Increase awareness using threat recognition, colour codes of awareness & management of the reptilian brain
  • Setting physical & emotional boundaries
  • Understanding & making use of body language
  • Tactical reasoning & choosing an appropriate course of avoidance first or actions later should no other option be available
  • Realistic physical techniques designed to work in stressful situations to help you escape, buy time or get help or get to a safer position
  • Understanding and making use of adrenal responses in a high-stress situation
  • Understanding and making use of measured compliance in an assault situation
  • Evidence gathering before, during and after a recognised assault and understanding the forensic process
  • Use of improvised weaponry or legal self-defence weapons/alarms in self-defence
  • Ground survival techniques
  • Defences against armed assault

Do I need to be fit to join this class?

Not at all, as this class is designed for any individual no matter what the fitness level.

What clothing or equipment do I need?

At this stage, you only need your normal gym or workout gear, a sweat towel and a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated. As you progress we will let you know what other equipment you need.

Trial Class

We now also run a Ladies Only Krav Maga Trial Class at Asics, 527 Oxford St, Marble Arch, London, W1C 2QL (Google Map) and you can book your place online on our Krav Maga Trial Classes page.

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